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Hi! My name is Joe and welcome to LivftingLife, my first blog! I am a fitness and life enthusiast. There are thousands of fitness enthusiasts online, so what sets me apart? Well, I have been into fitness of all sorts for over a decade. I served for 8 years in the US Navy and led 100s of people in fitness evolutions and led one on one sessions. I was a teacher in the Navy and want to continue doing it in a fun, safe environment.

My moto is to Live for Today and Lift for Tomorrow. That simply put means, live it up and motion is lotion. If you want to be active you have to stay active. Working out allows you to do everything better. But to live a good life you have got to live it up!

Now what on earth is a life enthusiast? It is, in my opinion, someone who works at enjoying all aspects in life and does not let one thing run or ruin their life. It’s about living as full of a life as you can with good discipline and exercise. I truly believe that you can have fun and be in shape. And that is what this blog is about. I will share my ways to have fun and be in shape with balance and simplicity.

There are a few categories on the site for you to enjoy.

  • Motivation

    Motivation is temporary but discipline will last forever. This category will cover things like good reads, yoga (or fancy stretching), and educational videos.

  • Wellness

    Wellness post will range from holistic healing with things like teas and herbs to brewery reviews. A balance of health and happiness is essential to life betterment.

  • Workouts

    Simple, minimal equipment, time sensitive, effective workouts. Some will be whole body others will be more isolation. Best part is there FREE!

  • Product Reviews

    A lot of the equipment I use don’t have reviews, so I figure why not?

If your still with me, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the content!



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