5 Reasons Why You Need to Read Extreme Ownership

Welcome to Livftinglife! Today’s article is about some brain training you need to be doing. 

What is brain training?

It’s READING! That’s right, reading, the exercise of the mind! While reading articles and blog posts is great, sometimes good old fashioned books are where it’s at.

The brain training I am recommending for you is the book, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win. This book initially resonated with me because of my years in the Navy. Reading it again, as a civilian, I find it more valuable than ever. It is full of great information and serves as a reminder of the lessons I was taught while serving and some I never learned.

About the Authors

Extreme Ownership is authored by retired U.S. Navy Seals Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Both of these men were officers in the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, spending several tours overseas, where they led elite groups of warriors into battle. They travel around the country teaching the principles and lessons from their time in service. Together they wrote this book.

About the Book

Extreme Ownership is about discipline and leadership. It takes invaluable lessons from military service and relates them to everyday individuals. Extreme Ownership is a well written book, interlaced with amazing stories of two very long military careers. This book is not an everybody wins pep talk, but rather, a realistic look into self improvement and leadership by Owning It!

“Discipline equals freedom”

This is my favorite quote from Extreme Ownership. That saying could not be more true. Motivation comes and goes, but discipline is lasting. Having discipline doesn’t mean, always being happy about getting up for that 5 am workout, or enjoying grinding through the work day, but doing it anyway because you know the benefit you will get from it. Having discipline allows you to accomplish tasks and tackle life with purpose. Having good discipline will allow you to reach your goals. This is the most valuable lesson from Extreme Ownership


Here are the 5 reasons why you need to read Extreme Ownership.

  1. Real people, extreme scenarios. The authors are real deal, modern day warriors that performed at the highest level of badassery. They take that military experience and apply it to everyday life. If this information gets elite military through some of the highest stress work in the world, imagine what it will do for you!
  2. Cheap education. Some people go to school for years, spend a small fortune, and going to management training  to learn what this book will teach you. The price of this book for the quality of information a no brainer.
  3. It’s for everyone. Everyone who reads this book will benefit from it. The authors teach the principles of this book to lower level managers up to Fortune 500 CEOs and receive praise for the quality of knowledge it brings.
  4. It opens up a different perspective. A lot of the time, we fail to improve because we get in our own way. This book makes you take a hard look at yourself.
  5. Reading is good for you! Reading is the exercise for your brain. Take one of those hours a day watching TV shows and read a chapter. You will feel better and take a solid step forward in self improvement. Everyone needs self improvement because no one is perfect.

There you have it! 5 Reasons why you need to read Extreme Ownership. I really enjoyed this book and truly believe you will benefit from it, just as I did.

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  1. Great blog post! Just added this book to my reading list!

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