5 Ways to Manage Stress

Stress, it impacts every single person on the planet. How you manage that stress will dictate your health, social, and personal life dramatically. Not all stress is bad though. Eustress is positive and can illicit positive growth, like finally getting that job you’ve always wanted. That sounds pretty good right? Unfortunately, most of us focus on the negative stress that can lead into distress, which can be anxiety, sorrow or pain.

There are all sorts of things you can do to manage stress. If you are in the USA, and have cable, you have undoubtedly seen really nice adds with people taking a prescription drug that fixes everything. Followed by a really fast disclaimer that sounds like more side effects than benefits. That magical little pill can change everything though… (Insert sarcasm). Don’t get me wrong, modern medicine is amazing, but we live in a world where we treat everyday things with pills.

Stress is a normal part of life and with practice, it can be managed.

5 Ways to Manage Stress

1. De-clutter your life.

Do you have closets packed full of crap you haven’t seen or touched in years? Get rid of it. People tend to be hoarders and hold onto possessions for all sorts of reasons. I can tell you from personal experience, De-cluttering feels pretty awesome.

Bonus – donating feels really good too!

2. Make a list.

Write things down, plain and simple. Make a checklist of items you want or have to do. It simplifies things and let’s you evaluate and assess from a different perspective. Every time you accomplish an item, cross it out. It’s a good feeling to have a list that’s crossed off. When you are done with that list, make another one. Progress!

3. Prioritize your life.

In part with #2, figure out what matters most to you. Sit down and have a real hard look at what you want. Then write it down. This will give you a sense of direction. I know some people like going with the flow, and are perfectly happy just doing “whatever”, and that’s fine. But, most people will accomplish more with a little bit of direction.

4. Make time for self improvement.

This may involve losing an hour of sleep, or cutting out a TV show. Ideally you should use this “you time” to workout, read a book, meditate, or any other activity that will help you progress as a person in a positive direction. Try to veer away from harmful activities, these will just make the stress worse.

5. Stop being so serious.

That’s right, stop it. Laugh more. It really helps. If it isn’t going to kill you, relax. This is the hardest of all, but if you can do it, you will realize the negative stress isn’t so bad.

There you have it. 5 ways to manage stress. If these seem way to simple to work, that’s exactly the point. Simplicity is often times the best policy. I do all 5 of these things and more to manage stress. For me, they work really well and I hope you find benefit in them as I do.

This article is not the end all, be all of stress management. These 5 simple steps are what you can take right now, to start managing your stress, because stress must be managed properly to help your body maintain a higher level of wellness, and it starts with you.

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