It’s Taco Tuesday, But First A Leg and Core Workout

Welcome to This workout is about putting in that hard effort and earning those delicious Tacos! You will work your Legs, Core Strength, and Stabilization! It is a very functional workout, and it will definitely get you prepped for Tacos!

These Delicious Tacos are from The Flying Iguana


As always, start with a good warmup for 10 minutes.

Below are some safe examples:

For you runners, go run a mile then do dynamic stretches. (If your run is slower than 8 minutes, see the next warmup)

For us non running types, try walking in place, high knees, or jumping jacks. Followed by dynamic stretches.

~Focus on hip mobility during your warmup.~

The Workout

DeadLift – 4 sets 5 repetitions (Focus on the hip extension)

(If you don’t have access to deadlifts, add 1 more set to each exercise!)

Goblet Squats (Can be done with Dumbbells / Kettle Bells / or anything heavy)

3 sets of 15 repetitions (Slow and Steady do NOT bounce at the bottom)

Dumbbell / Kettle bell / or anything Heavy Snatches

3 sets of 10 repetitions (5 each arm per set. As heavy as you can!)

Overhead Walking Lunges (Can be done with Dumbbells / Kettle Bells / or anything heavy)

3 sets of 12 steps each leg (24 Steps total per set)

Romanian Dead Lifts (Can be done with Dumbbells / Kettle Bells / or anything heavy)

3 sets of 12 repetitions (Focus on those hamstrings!)

Core Finisher

12 Roll Outs (or In and Outs) immediately followed by 12 Weighted Seated Trunk Twists

3 sets 12 repetitions (1 set is 24 reps total)

Great job! You are one step closer to Tacos!

Stretch it out.

Static stretches can be done for 10 second holds as well as more advanced stretching like post workout yoga. Make sure to stretch your whole body as it will aid in mobility and muscle growth.

This stretching session should last about 10 minutes.

All done! Thank you for reading. If you like this article and want to see more content, hit that subscribe button. Also follow Livftinglife on Facebook and Instagram! Have a great one! and enjoy your Tacos!

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