5 Alternative Ways to Exercise Out of the Gym

Have you thought about getting a gym membership?

If you have, you will have undoubtedly seen that some gyms, or “health clubs”, seem more like a status symbol than a place to get your sweat on. I understand that some are not expensive, but seriously, who wants to get kicked out of a gym for working to hard.Β  Another common problem with going to the gym is that it is inside, and you would like to be outdoors experiencing life, rather than shoving yourself into a building full of people. Lastly, it takes a lot of time to commit to going to the gym everyday. If you have had these thee issues, you are not alone.

Those three issues are very common. So I decided to address them by giving you

5 Alternative Ways to Exercise

  1. Hiking.fb_img_1467676510138-0191884863.png

    Hiking is a great way to get away from the noise of society and connect with nature. If you are not into that, and just like walking that’s cool too! If you want to increase your effort, hike with additional weight in form of a back pack or weighted vest. If you don’t have those just carry a whole bunch of water. The extra strain will cause more calories to be used thus making it a more effective workout.

  2. Kayaking.

    Photo of River Surrounded by Grass

    Kayaking is a great upper body workout. Kayaks can be expensive, but it is a one time cost. If you don’t want to purchase one, the internet will help you find rentals. If you want a harder workout, paddle harder! That’s all you have to do.

  3. Biking.Man in Black Jacket Riding Black Bicycle in Gray Concrete Road in Panning Photography

    Riding a bicycle is great exercise and Eco-friendly transportation. To make it more fun, try destination riding. I like to pick a spot for lunch, or coffee, that is half of the total distance I want to ride that day. For me, this makes riding a bicycle more appealing.

  4. Swimming.gopr0642-1-0183457198.jpeg

    Swimming is a fantastic full body workout. It uses crazy amounts of calories and is low impact on your joints. If you live where it’s cold, just checkout Wim Hof to get past that.

  5. Go to the Park.Brown Wooden Bench With Brown Dried Leaves

    Parks always have stuff to climb on. Even better some have pictures next to the equipment. They are usually free and are great for calisthenic (body weight) workouts.

There you have it, 5 Alternative ways to Exercise Out of the Gym. If you do them in a good split, you can have 2 upper body focus days, 2 lower body focus days, and 1 Full body day. Hiking and Biking for lower body. The Park and Kayaking for upper body. Then the Swimming for full body. Your limits are dictated by your mind, so use your imagination! Have a great one!

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