The Body Weight Workout

Body Weight workouts are great for many reasons. They can be done anywhere and they are a great time saver, which is perfect for busy schedules and travelers. All you need is the motivation and a little bit of creativity. Having a pull up bar is great. If you do not have one, find a nearby park. Some parks even have specific bars just for body weight workouts.

There are some people who will tell you that you cannot build muscle doing just body weight exercises, those people are negative and you don’t need that in your life. Building a fit, healthy, and muscular body is very achievable with hard work andΒ  good eating habits. Now this does not mean you will become the next Arnold without weights, that is a very particular sport that does require more than just body weight. But if you are looking to fill out your current clothes with some extra muscle, you absolutely can. So let’s move on to the workout.

Body Weight Workout

As always, start with a good warmup for 10 minutes.

Below are some safe examples:

For you runners, go run a mile then do dynamic stretches. (If your run is slower than 8 minutes, see the next warmup)

For us non running types, try walking in place, high knees, or jumping jacks. Followed by dynamic stretches.

The workout will be a few separate circuits to engage the entire body.

Circuit 1

5 Rounds

Pull ups 10 repetitions

Push ups 20 repetitions

Squats 30 repetitions

Calf Raises (Toes In) 20 repetitions

Note: Do all 4 exercises then take up to a 60 second break.

Circuit 2

5 Rounds

Australian Pull ups 10 repetitions

Dips 15 repetitions

Split Squats 30 repetitions (15 each leg)

Calf Raises (Toes Out) 20 repetitions

Note: Do all 4 exercises then take up to a 60 second break.

Circuit 3

5 Rounds

Dive Bomber Push up 10 repetitions

Mountain Climbers 20 repetitions

Walking Lunges 30 repetitions (15 per leg)

Calf Raises (Toes Neutral) 20 repetitions

Note: Do all 4 exercises then take up to a 60 second break.

Cool Down Stretch

Static stretches can be done for 10 second holds as well as more advanced stretching like post workout yoga. Make sure to stretch your whole body as it will aid in mobility and muscle growth.

This stretching session should last about 10 minutes.

All done!

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